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New Silent Disco by DJ Sick Spins - Let's Rock The House In Silence! 

Imagine a party where everyone is dancing and singing but no music can be heard until you enter the party and put on a set of headphones provided at the door.  All of the sudden you are immersed into a audio sensory experience that brings the music to life in a way that you have never experienced at an event before.  
Now take it up a notch by adding two channels to choose from with two DJ's playing different genre's of music.  It's dueling DJ's and you choose the music you want to listen to.  
The headphones have color coded led lighting to let you know what the other people are listening to as well.  
It's as fun to watch as it is to participate.  Take off the headphones for a casual conversation and get a laugh while the crowd sings alone with the music in silence. This is people watching at it's best.


The range on the headphones is approximately the length of a football field and can cover multiple levels and rooms, offering even more creativity and diversity for venues and party planners.  Charge times last about 6 hours.  


Contact us for more info about a silent disco party for your event or venue.  We provide the headphones, equipment, DJ's, and lighting.  You provide the people!  
Pricing from $10-$15  rental per headphone, plus the DJ's and lighting.   Let's Party People! or 214-382-0387.